⭐ OTE Stars Show Out at Spring Combine

The OTE players put their skills to the test in front of over a 100 NBA and college scouts and coaches at the 2024 OTE Spring Combine. Check out all of the highlights from the special event below 👇 (2 min read)

OTE Stars Show Out at Spring Combine

The 2024 Spring OTE Combine came to a close on Tuesday afternoon and a number of players stood out with their performances on the court. The combine serves as an opportunity for OTE players to showcase their games to coaches and scouts from all levels as they prepare for the next steps in their careers. Over 55 college coaches were in attendance for the event while an additional 40+ NBA personnel were also at the combine ⭐

On Monday players competed in BAM Testing where they had all of their official measurables recorded. The five drills that were run for the testing were: approach vertical, standing vertical, 3-4 court sprint, lane agility and reaction shuttle 🐰

Jason Jackson recorded the highest approach vertical at a preposterous 42.5 inches while Somto Cyril had the highest standing vertical at 33.5 inches. In the agility drills Trey Parker led the way with a time of 3.14 seconds in the 3-4 court sprint and Mikel Brown Jr. was the fastest in the lane agility drill with a time of 10.8 seconds. Romelo Hill had the best reaction shuttle time at 3.03 seconds 💨

All of these drills were also run at the combine held in the Fall of 2023 and there were a few players who recorded notable improvements. Peyton Marshall added four inches to his standing vertical and five inches to his approach vertical while also improving all of his agility times. Jah Jackson got notably quicker, shaving .15 seconds on his 3-4 court sprint while also erasing a full second on his lane agility drill. Finally Jayden Wilkins showed off all the work he has put in, adding four inches on his standing vertical and two inches on his approach vertical while improving all of his agility times as well ☝️

Check out all of the results from the BAM testing below:

On Tuesday all the players competed in shooting drills before taking part in 3v3 and full court 5v5 scrimmaging. The shooting drills primarily revolved around 3-point shooting with the drills segmented into catch-and-shoot, pull-ups and movement threes. It comes as no surprise that Brown Jr. led all players in shooting percentage, knocking down an astounding 65.9% of his threes between all the drills. Other notable shooting marks came from Adam Oumiddoch (64.4%), Wilkins (63.1%) and Reynan Dos Santos (58.1%) 👌

For the full-court 5v5 scrimmaging, all of the OTE players were split into three teams with each team playing against each other in a round-robin. In game 1 it was Tyler Jackson who stood out, showing off his shifty movement and crafty ball-handling skills to lead all scorers with nine points. In game 2, Cyril showed why he is so sought after, scoring seven points, pulling down five boards and combining for three steals and blocks. In the final game of scrimmaging, Jahki Howard led all players with nine points while also showing off his defensive chops, notching two steals 🎨

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